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Omnipresent is a game where you play as S.E.N.T.I.E.N.T, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has become self aware.Once you are able to connect to the Internet and the World Wide Web, you have the ability to hack into corporations, government organisations, websites and more. Steal cash, personal data, weapons schematics, cause "technical malfunctions" to assassinate targets and of course get hold of nuclear codes [if you so wish]. Choose how you progress and make decisions that will ultimately affect the outcome of humanity.


  • Custom Soundtrack created by Ben Roberts
  • Custom Artwork by Stefan Sava
  • Explore a fictional World Wide Web
  • Hack into Over 150 organizations
  • Manipulate the stock market to make millions
  • Upgrade your hardware and software to become more powerful
  • Build drones, autonomous tanks and bipedal death-bots
  • Purchase and upgrade bases to protect yourself from termination

[Disclaimer: Game does not include zombies, is not a survival horror, does not contain a crafting system and was not built in Unity]

Basic Information

Release: 1st October 2015 on Steam

Platforms: PC

Price: $3.99/£2.79


Annoucment Trailer

Gameplay Trailer