Dr Andrew J. Starkey BSc MSc Ph.D

British artificial intelligence (A.I.) researcher, based in the east of England. Specialises in optimisation algorithms and business modelling & planning. 

He is also futurist and has given public talks on transhumanism and artificial intelligence (winning a number of IET endorsed prizes for these talks)

Contact Email: andy@ajstarkey.co.uk

Current Positions Held:

Senior Researcher - British Telecom Plc

Managing Director - Starkey Industries Ltd

Chief Operating Officer - LifeLog Social Media Ltd

Current Research

  • Evolutionary Algorithms & Optimisation 
  • Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms
  • Fuzzy Logic Systems
  • Neighborhood Based Clustering
  • Cloud Based Optimization Methods
  • Particle Swarm Algorithms

Research Interests

As well as the above research. I also take great interest in all areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

This includes Neural Networks (inc. Deep Learning), Robotics, Data Mining and Theoretical AI.