Andrew J. Starkey B.Sc M.Sc

British artificial intelligence (A.I.) researcher, based in the east of England. Specialises in optimisation algorithms and business modelling and planning. 

He is also futurist and has given public talks on transhumanism and artificial intelligence (winning a number of IET endorsed prizes for these talks)

Contact Email:

Current Positions Held:

Senior Researcher - British Telecom Plc

A.I. PhD Student - University of Essex

Managing Director - Starkey Industries Ltd

Chief Operating Officer - LifeLog Social Media Ltd

Current Research

I'm currently working towards a PhD in artificial intelligence at the University of Essex. The project is linked to workforce optimisation and is being supported by BT. 

Topics linked to this project include:

  • Evolutionary Algorithms & Optimisation 
  • Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms
  • Fuzzy Logic Systems
  • Neighborhood Based Clustering
  • Cloud Based Optimization Methods
  • Particle Swarm Algorithms

Research Interests

As well as working on the topics of my PhD I also take great interest in all areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

This includes Neural Networks, Robotics, Data Mining and Theoretical AI.